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ILEX LAW is a legal team that seeks to provide comprehensive immigration services on a global scale and to do it with excellence. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the capital of the United States, ilexlaw is strategically positioned to help meet the immigration needs of those already in the United States and those seeking to come to America. US Green cards, OPT and CPT, H visas, L visas, J-1 visas, F-1 visas, religious worker visas, family-based immigration, employment authorization, change of status. These are only some of the immigration needs that we help meet. The point is that whatever you are looking for in terms of immigration, Ilexlaw is here to help. Whether you are a national or multi-national IT firm looking to bring in qualified IT employees to supplement your workforce or a sole employer in the United States looking to get temporary workers for the summer, we can help facilitate those employment needs. Maybe you are a promoter seeking to bring in foreign nationals gifted in the performing arts or a religious organization in need of religious workers, we should be your immigration firm of choice. Or maybe you are just an individual seeking to change your status or bring in a fiancee or family member, we are here for you. Plus, we have a proven track record and the legal expertise to get it done, a powerful combination when it comes to increasing your likelihood of success in realizing your immigration goals. In other words, you want a legal team that has “been there – done that”. And we are that team.

Sometimes, when it comes to immigration law, you only have one chance to get it right. Miss a deadline, fail to present your best case, slip up on a technicality; these kinds of mistakes can not only delay your immigration plans but can even derail them. And if you’re already in America or have employees who are already in America, these kinds of mistakes can be the difference between being able to stay in the United States or having to leave. We are aware of how much is at stake, maybe for you personally or for your firm, and our job is to make sure that these kinds of mistakes don’t happen. Our job and our intention is to help you do it right THE FIRST TIME. And if unexpected complications or roadblocks do occur, we will make sure the best course of action is taken to successfully navigate those obstacles.

The dream of coming to America is a dream that captivates many around the world. America has always been a land of immigrants – a land of legal immigrants, those who want to do it right. And we want to be the firm of choice for those who want to do it right. We want to help you realize your dream, whether that dream is the dream of an IT firm or an employer, hoping to expand its workforce and bring in qualified workers, or the dream of an individual, hoping to secure a work visa, a travel visa, a fiancee visa or a USA Green card. We want to help you come to America or, if you are an employer or promoter, bring gifted people to America on work visas or Green card applications. Whatever your immigration needs, give us the opportunity to serve you. Let’s begin the journey together. ilexlaw pllc – the firm you can turn to for all your immigration needs.


The ilexlaw legal team provides employers and employees with the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies. We represent businesses, as well as individuals and families, who are already in the United States or anywhere around the world. Please give us a call or contact us anytime for aFREE consultation.



The ilexlaw legal team provides comprehensive immigration services ranging from the multi-faceted needs of individuals to the high volume inquiries of multi-national corporations. We help businesses, individuals and families undergoing the U.S. immigration process in the United States or around the world.


H-1B Specialty Occupation Worker L-1AIntracompany Transferee or Manager L-1B Specialized Knowledge Transferee O-1 Individuals with extraordinary ability or achievement. We will help you determine what kind of visa will suit you best and take care of the process from case initiation to USCIS approval and visa issuance at the consulate for a flat fee.


Most of the foreign national who would like their employers to sponsor them for green card should first get the Labor Certification.ilexlaw has plenty of experience assisting business with this first step of the green card process.


ilexlaw provides legal assistance with the categories not requiring Labor Certification, such as EB-1, EB-4 and Investor Visa EB-5


ilexlaw team will help to “Change Your Status” from a Temporary visa holder to a legal Permanent resident without any hassle.


ilexlaw provides individuals seeking to naturalize with one of our experienced attorneys that takes the worry out of the process. If incorrectly filed, a Naturalizationpetition may lead to a denial.