What is Process for Entrepreneurs come to America?

If you want to be an immigrant entrepreneurs and willing to take risk of starting a business in America—today, research shows that the Immigrants are more likely to start a business just like the native-born citizens.

Despite the accounting for about 13% of the population, immigrants contribute to more than a quarter of the new business of the country. Fastly-growing–more than 20% of the CEOs are immigrants. Businesses that are immigrant owned pay an approximate of $126 billion in salaries per year, employing one in those ten Americans working for different private companies. In the year 2010, immigrant-owned companies generated greater than $775 billion in its sales.

Regardless of the bipartisan approval of business-friendly proposal, including the growing cap on H-1B work visa for the skilled workers while creating a visa category for the venture-backed entrepreneurs.

To be honest, it is highly recommended to support this immigration reform, not only due to the fact that it is keeping the American character of inviting top notch talent. As an entrepreneur know it better than anybody, the US economy needs creativity and dynamism of the immigrant entrepreneurs.

But before that, it is important a few things including the following,

There is no specific timeline for obtaining an immigration visa, where every case is different.

Most of the founders underestimate the duration that it takes for obtaining a U.S. visa.

Keep the ownership documentation available and clear, along with every single one’s documented responsibilities, displaying who is reporting to whom.

Accounting errors or any other unexpected issues that can significantly escalate the time frame. If you are planning to be in the United States personally to oversee the business expansion, make sure to take care of the visa processing time before you plan to go-to-the market.

Choose the best immigration attorney using ilexlaw and get along really well with him as he can get you the best assistance if you want to start your business in America.He is someone knowing all the intimate details about the business, so that you can easily undergo the complex procedures of getting an immigration visa. Simply, make sure that you are accepting the advice from people with advanced degree on any topic that is focused around green card and immigration.

Attracting and retaining the high-skilled immigrants. Surprisingly, an overwhelming pact that the US needs to offer for turning these things around.

Expanding to the United States can definitely be a chief milestone for the European startups, but despite the careful market strategy and robust planning, with a lot going on the plate, it is very easy to undergo the visa and immigration process, under the guidance of a professional immigration attorney.

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