The USCIS announced that it has received 233 thousand of H-1B petitions. So, after a simple calculation, we can conclude that the probability of Bachelor cap cases of getting accepted in the lottery is about 30%.

The rest of the applicants will either have to leave the US (OPT Students) or will not be able to enter the US until indefinitely. Last year around 172 thousand of applications were filed. 127 thousand two years ago.  Logically, next year, there probably will be more! Thus, the chances of getting accepted will decrease as well.

Based on the data presented by the Heritage Foundation, we estimated that the US economy will lose around 11 billion dollars in 2016.  That’s because around 148,000  professional workers (233,000 application minus 85,000 slots), whose applications will be rejected will not able to work in the US.  Our clients and other professional businesses work  hard to recruit and sometimes train the workers.  Our law firm and other attorneys work hard to prepare the best approvable H-1B petitions.  However, the legal structure of the H-1B cap that was set in the 90s will trash all the effort, including the lost of 11 billion dollars in tax money in 2016 only.

Those cases that will be accepted/chosen in the lottery will face scrutiny by the USCIS, especially by the California Service Center.