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Understanding P3Visa with ilexlaw

         Let’s Understand P3 Visa with ilexlaw Experts –

The P3 visa, also known as “Artists or Entertainers In Culturally Unique Program” visa, is primarily for entertainers or artists coming to the United States for Performing in a cultural program, Representing, teaching, coaching in musical, cultural,ethnic, artistic, folk or theatrical arts, or as a supporting personnel to the P-3 holders

What are the P3 Visa Benefits and Limitations?

  • Commercial or Non-commercial – the program may either be commercial or non-commercial.
  • Performance level – a low threshold allowed in comparison to the P-1 visa, but the level of performance of United States performers and visiting performers should be same.
  • Visit Duration –for the necessary period to complete the event or program, up to a time period of maximum one year.
  • P-3 visa holders can be extended in an increment of one year, in case the same activity or event is originally admitted.
  • Paymentis allowed under the P-3 visa.
  • Undertaking the part-time study.
  • Supporting personnelcan apply for a P-3 visa in order to accompany the principal P-2 visa holder.
  • When it comes to Travelling, the visa holder may freely travel inside and outside the United States while the P-3 visa is valid.
  • Dependentsincluding Spouse or unmarried children under the age of 21 may visit or accompany under the P-4 visa.  But theyare not employed on this P-4 visa, however.
  • For Green Card or Permanent residency, the P-3 visa holder may apply for the Adjustment of Status and seek a permanent residency (this procedure does not include any support personnel).
  • Dependents &their employmentwith a P-4 visa may not work.


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