Top Five Steps to take when moving to America

Looking forward to become a U.S. citizen? Here in this article, we will talk about the top 5 moves you need to make, from beginning your eligibility by submitting the application form to attending the interview at immigration office and then the oath ceremony.

Acquiring the U.S. citizenship offers diverse opportunities for any resident of the US. These include having access to a U.S. passport, the right to cast vote in elections, and complete protection from deportation.

However, being an American citizen involves a few steps, right from the establishment of eligibility to filing the application, fingerprinting, appearing for the interview, passing the tests of English and U.S. civics, and later on attending the oath ceremony.

Step 1: Finding out Your Eligibility for the U.S. Citizenship

Getting a U.S. visa is fine, but first check whether your eligible for it for not. With a little exceptions, you need to obtain a green card before becoming eligible for the citizenship. So, firstly learn more about the eligibility before moving further.

Being a lawfully permanent resident, you need to fulfill the additional requirements for being eligible to get U.S. citizenship. It greatly depends upon the time duration you have spent in the U.S. being a green card holder, your moral character, the ability to pass the English test, and the U.S. government.

Step 2: Overcoming the Barriers of Ineligibility

In case, you discover that you are not eligible to being a U.S. citizen. It might be good that you simply wait for a little longer will make you eligible for the citizenship. Well, the best option to make yourself eligible is by consulting an experienced immigration attorney for a complete analysis of your case.

Step 3: Fill the USCIS Form N-400

After you’ve confirmed your eligibility of permanently moving to America or getting a visa, the next step is to complete some paperwork with USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services). to begin with the process, you need to file the form N-400. As of this year, the cost of filing the application for naturalization process is $640, along with $85 fee for biometrics. You need to attach a copy of the green card along with the form.

Soon after the application gets, you need to appear for the biometrics appointment, as the details gets shared on your email.

Step 4: Attending the Biometrics Appointment

While your application is under process, there is a background check that takes place. You need to report at a specific date and address at a local office where you are taken for biometrics. The fingerprints gets run through FBI for a background check.

Step 5: Attend the Interview at USCIS Office

Right after few weeks of your biometrics appointment, you need to appear for an interview with the UCSIC officer at a specific date and time.

During the interview, the officer goes through the N-400 confirming the answers to various questions. The officer also tests your knowledge of English and U.S. civics.

If you get approved after the USCIS interview, you need to maintain that eligibility. After this you are called for a public ceremony, during which you need to undertake an oath, swearing loyalty to the United States of America. Then you are handed over a certificate of naturalization, lawfully presenting that you are now a U.S. citizen.

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