ilexlaw provides a full-range of IP services across a broad spectrum of cutting-edge technologies: software, electronics, hardware, Web, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, energy, civil engineering and other fields. Our goal is to get the inventions of our clients properly patented. We guide businesses and individual inventors through the entire patenting process, from the initial stage of evaluation of patentability through the drafting and prosecution of patent applications to the enforcement opportunities related to your patent. Each stage has its own challenges, which we seek to navigate and explain in a way that is understandable and that provides the greatest opportunity for success.

Our patent process begins with a thorough patent search in order to advise our clients regarding both the need for patent protection of their technology and the appropriate type of patent protection to pursue. Once a determination has been made regarding the need for patent protection and the type of patent protection to pursue, we then proceed through the prosecution and enforcement stages of the patent application. Throughout these stages, we ensure that all filing technicalities are met within appropriate time frames in order to meet specified deadlines and that any complications or additional requests for information are answered. We are well-versed on all areas of patent law and are conscientiously seeking to keep abreast of all the latest developments that might possibly impact Intellectual Property laws.

In addition to the thorough IP services mentioned above, we also offer a scaled-down version for those smaller inventors who may want a more economical alternative. For a reduced fee, we will walk an inventor through the process of how he or she can do a patent search on his or her own. While this method is not without its risks, we will offer the guidance needed to the individual inventor in order to conduct a patent search and to try to steer away from the potential pitfalls.

We provide comprehensive IP services and professional advise.

The new technologies represent the face of tomorrow, and we are a part of helping that tomorrow come as quickly as possible.

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