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Know everything about Green Card Lottery For Fiscal Year 2022

The Green Card Lottery, officially known as Diversity Immigrant Visa Program, administered by the U.S. Department of State on annual basis for immigrants from nations with historically low rates of immigration to the U.S. Candidates are not required to pay any amount to register for the DV Visa Program. 

Every year, the Department of State issues 55,000 diversity visas (DVs) through Green Card Lottery or Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. 

The selection of candidates is made through a randomized computer draw. Selected candidates must have to meet all the eligibility requirements to qualify for a DV. 

Who can apply?

The Diversity Visas issue among 6 geographic regions and each nation can receive up to 7% of the available visas in a year.  

For DV – 2022 program, natives of the following nations cannot apply because 50,000+ natives of these nations are already immigrated to the U.S. in last 5 years 

South Korea, Philippines, Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Jamaica, India, Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Colombia, China (mainland – born), Canada, Vietnam, Brazil, Bangladesh, UK (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories. 

Candidates born in Macau SAR, Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan are eligible. 


  • Individuals must have been born in nations whose natives qualify 

AND (any 1 from below)

  • Applicant must have high school or its equivalent education; successfully completed a 12-year course of formal elementary and secondary education


  • Have 2-years work experience in an occupation that needs minimum 2-years training or experience to perform

Note- Candidates who do not meet any essential requirement must not submit an entry to the DV program. 

Registration / Entry period 

Interested candidates can submit entries for the DV – 2022 program digitally at between 02 Oct 2020 and 05 Nov 2020. Applicants must attempt online registration as early as possible and do not wait until the last date of the registration. Neither paper entries nor late entries will be accepted. 

The candidates do not submit multiple entries otherwise they will be disqualified. Incomplete entries will not be accepted. Following details are required to enter in online registration form for the DV – 2022 program

  • Full name as on passport
  • Gender
  • City, Country where applicant was born
  • Country of eligibility 
  • Passport details such as number, country of issuance and expiry date
  • Entrant photo(s) as per the U.S. visa photos standards (taken within the last 180 days)
  • Mailing address
  • Current residing country 
  • Phone number (not mandatory)
  • Email address
  • Highest level of education 
  • Current marital status
  • Number of children

On completion of DV – 2022 online entry registration, all the DV – 2022 entrants will get a unique confirmation number which can be used on the E – DV website at between 05 May 2021 and 30 Sept 2021 to check Entrant Status. 

Selection of Applicants

The selection of applicants for available visas in every region and nation will be done randomly using computer. Entrant status can be checked by following a few steps as mentioned below

  • Open E – DV website or click this link
  • Homepage of E – DV program will be displayed
  • Find and click on ‘Check Status’ tab available under ‘Click the link below to check DV – 2022 and DV – 2021 Entrant Status.’
  • A Welcome page having Entrant Status Check Instructions will be displayed
  • Now click on ‘Continue’ tab available under instructions 
  • A page / form to be filled and submitted by entrant will be displayed
  • Enter unique confirmation number issued to entrant at the time of registration 
  • Enter last / family name
  • Enter year of birth
  • Enter the characters as shown in the picture for Authentication 
  • Click on ‘Submit’
  • If entry is selected, candidate will be directed to a confirmation page having additional instructions along with information about fees associated with immigration to the U.S.

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