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Intellectual Property Law
We also offer services related to the US Intellectual Property Law. We serve the corporate and individuals in different litigation cases, patent prosecution.

We provide copyright, post grant review, trademarks, licensing, designing patents etc. Our experienced team of lawyers manages intellectual property cases and counsels people in the procedure for formulating and drafting IP holding and protecting their IP rights. This allows the clients to conduct their business profitably without having to fear of losing the hold on their own market.

Latest technologies are used and solutions provided for applying real time patent and trademark management, including providing information on the different IP holdings, status updates regarding fillings and alert on deadlines.

Our experienced team helps clients to obtain trademarks and copyright, conduct different searches and render many different registered opinions. We also work with the network of firms in different countries to register and maintain files of trademark applications and provide different technological solutions to trademark docket management through the IP Portal.

We ensure to meet the business objectives of our clients and see that the issues pertaining to the litigation are sorted smoothly and preferably well. Clients are also assisted in obtaining trademark rights and guidance provided in the matters concerning unfair competition under Section 43 (a) of the Lanham Act and in matters pertaining to the IP and anti-trust laws.

Our attorneys with experience and exposure in the different areas of laws are always there to help and provide counseling to the clients pertaining to their particular cases. Our team ensures each client receives highly personalized services without any neglect on any legal aspect of the case. We ensure each litigation case is cleared and sorted in the U.S. Federal district courts. Old trial cases are taken as a base for dealing with the clients and their cases solved with success.

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