Immigration Investor Visa – EB-5

The U.S. Congress formed the EB-5 Program in the year 1990 with the intention of enabling high net worth investors from foreign nations obtain a U.S. Visa by the investment in any  U.S. business in such a way that benefits the economy of United States by creating more jobs. To be eligible under this EB-5 Program, foreign investor essentially invests $1 million in any qualified new business commercially. That amount is now reduced to $500,000 if any new commercial business located in a region with high unemployment. Every investor is required to create ten or more permanent jobs in United States with him or her investing in the business.

What are the benefits of EB-5 Program?

The advantages are easy and simple, including the following

Businesses in the United States receive the capital at good rates

Any foreign investor receives the ownership interest in any U.S. business make an investment or loan that affords an opportunity for them to qualify for the expedition of a U.S. green card.

The Immigration Investor Visa – EB-5 program has attracted billions of dollars into the emerging and ever expanding US businesses, that allows thousands of people from different countries to obtain a Green Card Status in the United States.


  • Being a part of global citizens, having the facility to move, and work freely between different countries.
  • Enhancing the advanced work and career opportunities in the US.
  • An Investment or secure Opportunity in the US – Starting your business, create the investments acquire the assets in the US.
  • High Education Savings, Making a substantial saving of over 100,000 Us Dollars in the higher education in the US.
  • The EB-5 Program deal sin secure and accelerated route to obtain the US residency for both the individual and his family.

Job Creation Requirements

An EB-5 investor need to invest the capital amount in any new commercial enterprise creating a full-time position for a minimum of ten qualifying employees.​

For any new commercial business not located in the regional center,​ ​the commercial enterprise need to create full-time positions ​directly that are to be counted.​ ​This basically means that any new commercial business enterprise (or its subsidiaries) need to be the employer itself for the qualifying employees.​​

For any new business enterprise located in a regional center, the new enterprise is eligible for either directly or indirectly generate full-time job opportunities. ​​

The Direct jobs are the ones that establish the employer-employee relationship.

In case of any troubled business, the EB-5 investor must rely on the job maintenance.

USCIS manages the EB-5 program to encourage the U.S. economy through different job creations and capital investment by the foreign investors. Under an initial program enacted in 1992, which is regularly reauthorized after that, investors qualify for an EB-5 classification by the investment through the regional centers designed by the USCIS based on various proposals for the promotion of economic growth. On February 15, 2019, President Donald Trump signed a US law to extend the Regional Center Program through September 30, 2019.

All the EB-5 investors need to invest in some new commercial business established.

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