Get a Working Visa for USA

How to Get a Working Visa for USA?

If you are a foreign national,looking forward for employment in the United States, then first and foremost you need get a working visa for being legally employed in the USA. There are different types of working visas available for foreign nationals wanting to work in USA along with permanent residency (green card), seasonal work visa,temporary work visa and exchange work visa.

The category of work visa you may perhaps be eligible for, depends on your work, whether having any relationship with the employer or not, and, in certain cases, the country of origin. The procedure for attaining work authorization in the United States of America varies according to the type of visa and its eligibility requirement for the same.

Here in this article, we will provide information about how you can get a working visa in USA, along with its eligibility and other requirements. It is essential to know about all the requirements that can change as per the government rules, hence getting assistance directly from the government resources, is probably the most reliable source for all the updated information and guidelines for visa and green card applications.

The application procedure for getting a working visa in the U.S. (also known an EAD or employment authorization document) is adequately open and straightforward. All you need to do is to fill a one-page form, attach documents, photos, attesting that you are eligible, along with the free to submit it to the USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services).

However, the main catch, is to make sure that the candidate is eligible. A work visa is available only to a limited group of immigrants, generally those in the process of application or adjustment of green card status or those having a temporary right to stay in the United States.

Also, never confuse yourself in application for work permit and application of a work visa to the US, for instance H-1B, which is a more complicated application process. There are basically two ways of submitting the I-765 application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, either by mail or through e-filing (online). E-filing or online application is considered to be more convenient and easy for payment, since it enables you to fill submit the Form I-765 online. But one important thing is that you will be needing to mail all the completed supporting documents.

If you are planning to submit the entire application process by mail, have a look at the address that is being used carefully– it is based on the category of applicant’s eligibility, and is entirely different for people using the conventional U.S. mail and those via any courier service. Just make sure to verify the complete copy of documents in your application, along with the checks, before submitting it.