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How can you Bring Your Dogs on United States?

Some airlines allow the pets to be carried under the registered baggage. So, if you want to Bring Your Dogs on United States, continue reading this post.

The Overseas Briefing Center offers the country-specific pet information for all the foreign communities assigned to the U.S. embassy or the consulate abroad.  It is highly recommended to review the travel plan carefully for any of your upcoming international travels.

The documents are needed preferably within the five days of reaching the United States.  Ten days is the upper limit. The basic instructions to bring your dog to the United States include the following .

  • General Health certificate from a registered Vet.
  • Vaccination against Rabbis certificate. The Vaccination shouldn’t be older than twelve months and less than thirty days.
  • The worming date. Also, it shouldn’t be older than five to ten days. It is good if there is a specific mention about any non-existent of screw worm mentioned in the certificate is five days old. The Central Disease Control of United States of America stipulates that.
  • The vet examines and certifies the going dog, recommending the NOC from Animal Quarantine that is mandatory.
  • Micro Chip of the pet is essential. All the documents are prepared with reference to the Micro Chip number.
  • Cannel is the method for choosing the kennel for a dog.
  • You are required to assemble the dismantled kennel and let the dog sit in it. After this you can proceed for the check-in.
  • Checking In at the Airport: You are asked to take the animal out for scanning and weighing along with the kennel. You cannot see the dog until you reach the destination, irrespective of any stop on the way. Proper food and water needed to be supplied to airlines staff to feed the dog during a stopover.
  • The airline charges around USD 400 for an extra-large kennel on the intercontinental route. The airline take quite good care of the animal.
  • Clearance at Seattle (United States):  After clearing the Immigration, you need to visit the CDC office, which do not works at night or on weekend. After which, the papers gets examined and stamped.

After this, your dog gets delivered in the kennel, and yes pretty much that’s it!

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