H1-B Visa CAP Reached Right Away As Predicted for FY 2016

H1-B Visa Cap Reached For FY 2016:

H1B-cap-Reached-2016-ilexlaw-300x210The H1-B cap for FY 2016 was closed on Tuesday, April 7, 2015 as was predicted.  It is becoming common knowledge that the domestic supply of workers with IT, STEM and other skills needed for the U.S. to compete in the 21st century global economy isn’t enough to meet demand. There have been several legislative proposals to increase the CAP but nothing is even close to getting passed through Congress. The H1-B visa is the most convenient way to get a professional workforce into the country.

We shipped most of our applications deliverable on the very first day of the CAP season (April 1st).  However, we did not have all of our California cases delivered, even though they were sent via overnight delivery.  Later that day, we learned that the Service Center workers asked the FedEx and other trucks to come back in the afternoon.  The eyewitnesses were saying that there was a long long line of  delivery tracks there.  On the very first day, so many cases were shipped that the service center did not have the capacity to accept them all.  The USCIS is well aware of the cap season and that most of the employers try to get everything delivered on April 1st. Even then, they experienced a delay.  It demonstrates the enormous amount of applications for the 2016 cap and that the chances for the lottery will be lower than last year.

We did not experience that backlog with the Vermont Service Center. Most of our cases were delivered in the morning and some in the evening.

As the H-1B program is getting more and more difficult, it is exceedingly important to work with a reliable attorney office. The ilexlaw staff is well-trained and experienced. Our attorneys provide personal approach to every petition we file.