Green Cards for Artists, Musicians and Performers.

Many promoters and event organizers in the US know that there is a way to get a foreign performer or even a band into the US. There are many convenient ways to file the paperwork and apply for special performer visas, such as P-1, P-2, P-3and O-1. We have written many articles on these visas that you can find on our blog, G+ profile, facebook, twitter and linkedin pages that you can find here (Please click on the icon in the right top corner of the page). Many of our clients have very successful performances and what do then do next? We file extensions of status for them. The articles on the extension can be found here . The extensions work pretty well too. The USCIS approves them in one-year increments and the beneficiaries remain employment authorized.

Now, based on our experience the promoters face two issues:

1. The great majority of the performers want to stay longer and

2. Potentially be able to work for other employers in America.

On one hand, our clients want to keep the artists work for them exclusively, on the other hand they want to provide more permanent visa situation as the shows are successful. Guess what, there is a solution in the US Immigration Law for that, which is a commonly known green card. Most promoters do not know that it is possible but our immigration lawyers can make it happen. The artists are not required to have relevant degrees like for other categories. The minimum wage that the artists must be paid is something that needs to be discussed but, normally, the artists are already paid more than what is required by law.

The process takes around nine months to a year. However, the extensions can be filed during this period without any limitations. The paperwork is very extensive and varies from one performer to the other and is different across the US. The green card process is very complex and the success is not guaranteed.

Please check out our latest video describing the process:

Our local immigration lawyers team can provide more information on green cards for Artists, Musicians and Performers. We take pride in specializing in this exciting field of US employment based immigration. Please fill out the contact for at the top of the page or here.