Getting marriage Based Green Card with Criminal history

Generally, the application for U.S. marriage-based green card is a highly inspected procedure because ofthe various fraud cases happening. The process can turn out to be more complicated if the applicant has been charged with certain crime cases in the past, especially if he was convicted. As required by the immigration law, you need to declare the criminal history while filing the marriage-based green card application, doesn’t matter whether the case is minor or a severe one.

While any of your past crime may make your approval chances slimmer, it doesn’t automatically mean denial. Obtaining a green card with a criminal history means meeting certain requirements. This article gives you a complete guide on the types of crimes that may impact your marriage-based green card application process and how to file your petition if you are affected.

What are the Crimes That Make a Marriage-Based Green Card Application Inadmissible

The criminal conviction in case of a marriage-based green card application can turn out to be quite complicated at times. This is important because it is mandatory to state any previous criminal interaction you’ve had with the law enforcement, for both your home country and the United States. Doesn’t matter, how minor the criminal case is, it is important to state it in the marriage based green card application , as lying or hiding the case can make the situation even more worse or complicated.

A criminal conviction that involves good turpitude in regards to the U.S. immigration law meaning that the committed crime was with any malicious intent or not. This includes a physical harm or defrauding any other person. Some of the crimes include murder, stealing, fraud, along with any domestic or violence. The Malicious intent discusses whether you have actually committed any offense, or just made the attempt to do so, or conspiring with others in the planning of carrying out the crime.

When filing the application, the green card applicant is required to state any of the crimes, for which he has been convicted in the past, as it is one of the most crucial base for the immigration officers to decide the admissibility of the candidate. Similar to any other legal process, this procedure of Getting a marriage Based Green Card with Criminal history requires you to be honest with everything.

How An Immigration Attorney Can Help

It is all up to the choice of the US immigration officer to decide if your case of criminal history is worthy of making you ineligible or not. Even any misdemeanor can lead to the denial of your marriage-based green card if the petition lacks any clarity. If you own a record of any convictions or arrests, the immigration application requires more attention than normal. The best option is to appoint an immigration attorney that can help you gather adequate evidence while filing the petition.

At ilexlaw, offers an expert team of marriage-based green card immigration lawyers having years of experience in dealing with the criminal history part of the application. The attorney examines the case and decide the best possible approach for the application. Whether it is about filing the petition or already facing a denial on the criminal grounds.

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