Everything You Need to Know about H1B Visas in 2019 – Washington DC

It is that time of the year when employers in the United States prepare for the H-1B visa petition filing. While USCIS was planning to revise the H-1B process, it recently confirmed that no changes are being made to the process this time.

But first, what is The H1B visa?

H1B visa is an authorization given by the government of United States for any foreign worker to come to the US for working in a US company. Specially, any foreign worker working in a specific field needing particular knowledge, therefore someone meeting the job requirements which the employer wasn’t able to find in any US-based staff.

Along with any specialized worker, H1B visa is also applicable for Department of Defense cooperative research, development project workers and fashion models. For the application of H1B visa, the candidate needs to be sponsored by the US employer who has hired him, where the employer pays for the visa fees and submit all the needed documents on behalf of the candidate for bringing him to the US in order to give the authority to work for the firm.

The H1B Visas in 2019 – Washington DC is valid for 3 years, which can be stretched to up to 6 years. Also, there are a different exceptions to the case of extending the visa for years more than that, subjected to the type of work being accomplished.

Determining the employees filing H-1B petitions, they may therefore consider certain categories. For preparing for H-1B cap filing, it is always recommended to consider the following:

  • Identify the H-1B candidate
  • Review and conclude the job offer, description and the salary for the individual
  • Ensure that the job description is given in detail and have a direct connection with the employee’s training and job duties
  • Gather the respective documents to arrange the H-1B petition filing

Employers need to stay deterrent of the impact of the new State’s 90 day rule in relation to the set laws and misrepresentations. While its language is vague, it is interpreted that it could unfavorably impact any foreign national entering the U.S. with a non-immigrant status like F-1, E-3, J-1, or TN before the employer files an H-1B petition. In such a situation, USCIS uses the rule as evidence to which the individual misinterpreted for entering the States, this can also make the candidate ineligible for changing to H-1B status.

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The H1B visa can be your dream opportunity to work in the United States, especially those who have been appointed by a US based company. This article will guide you about Everything You Need to Know about H1B Visas in 2019 – Washington DC