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EB-1A Alien of Extraordinary Ability

EB 1 a visaMany people assume that the aliens that come into the US are the typical oppressed people that are trying to escape poverty and get to somewhere safe that them and their family can have a decent life.  In fact, the real people who built America are those who brought they skills, education, experience and perseverance to succeed in America.  The US legal system still recognizes the need for foreign talent and has developed intricate visa categories to fix those who are in need in America.  This is EB-3 category for skilled workers like farmers and mason. There is EB-2 for those with Masters degrees and the most outstanding category is EB-1 for the immigrants with amazing talents.

There are two requirements that an EB-1A applicant  has to meet. Those requirements are:

  1. the alien has extraordinary ability in science, arts, business or athletics have has been shown by national or international acclaim.
  2. AND/OR the alien’s achievements have been recognized in the field through a lot of documentation.

In order to get the EB- 1A Visa the person must provide a sufficient amount of proof that he/she in fact does have some form of extraordinary ability in all the things listed above. The number on way to get the visa is if the alien has a international award, such as the Noble Prize or something of that standing, but if he/she does not have that they are still able to apply for the EB-1A if he show the things listed below:

  • An award for excellence in whatever the alien considers his extraordinary ability
  • Membership in a organization which has members that are supposed to have outstanding achievements in their national of international fields.
  • Publish materials or research in any publications or media relating to his/her work
  • Being a judge or as part of a panel by judging others work
  • Original scientific, educational, or artistic contribution of importance
  • Has had exhibitions or shows of his/her work
  • Creation of scholarly articles in professional journals or other big media
  • Leading role in a organization/ establishment with a specific and good reputation
  • High salary and/or compensation for service in comparison to others
  • Have success with performing arts as shown in in office of receipt figures or cassette, video and DVD sale figures.
  • He/she must also show that his admittance into the United States will be a benefit for the United States future.

In addition to all those items above the alien must also provide that he or she will continue to do the work in their extraordinary ability in the U.S and prove that it is of interest to the United States. The form that he/she needs to fill out is known as the I-140 with supporting documents that shows the EB-1A criteria, which in other words shows that he has talent.  The petition is one of the fastest ways to get a Green Card.  Please contact ilexlaw immigration attorneys to learn more. www.ilexlaw.com


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