Don’t Do These Common US Citizenship Application Mistakes

Are you stressed about the US citizenship application getting rejected? Surely, it can be unnerving, especially if you’ve made any mistakes that could end up decreasing the chances of you becoming a permanent US citizen. Here in this article, we have talked about the Common US Citizenship Application Mistakes, so that you know exactly which ones to avoid.

  • Not disclosing any previous criminal records

If you think that by keeping your previous criminal arrests or convictions to yourself would increase the chances of getting your application accepted, then you are highly mistaken. As per the expertise of ilexalw, Even if the conviction is a petty or misdemeanor offense, it is still most likely to fall within the range of questions that request the details of any accusation of arrest or criminal offense.As your fingerprints gets processed by the USCIS, your interviewing US officer will automatically know if you are hiding anything from your application.

  • Taking any long trips abroad

A lot of people do not understand the fact that becoming a US citizen, requires you to maintain a particular physical presence and a constant residence in the US. Trips lasting for 180 days or more could lead to a disrupted residence process in the United States, and you will be asked to provide the proof that you have taken the correct steps for maintaining the domicile during that trip. Failure to deliver the proof means that your application of US citizenship is denied regardless of passing the examination.

  • Filing the application too early

If you have had the green card for 5 years, you can easily apply for the US citizenship 3 months prior to the 5th anniversary of your permanent residence. If you have been married as legal resident for 3 years to a spouse who is a permanent US citizen, or has been for that time period, you are eligible to apply for the US citizenship after those 3 years.

However, the circumstances can differ from one individual to another, and if you have taken any long trips abroad or have not been living with spouse for that particular length of time, it is advisable to think twice before filing the application process.

  • Unable to pay the application fee, or transferring the wrong amount

According to the government of USA, Applications that gets submitted without the specified amount of fee or with any wrong amount will definitely be rejected. The applicant needs to resubmit his application with the exact amount of fee.

  • Submission of the US citizenship application before completing the specific requirements

If you aim to take the civic part of the test in your own native language, you first should satisfy all the residency and age requirements during the time of submission of your US citizenship application, or else your application will definitely get rejected.

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