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US Visa Application can be quite a daunting task. The United States of America (USA) devises a rigorous visa application procedure involving different steps but under the guidance of an expert immigration attorney the process is not impossible to get a US visa. Here in this article, we will simplify the complete process for you, making you understand the complex process of green card and visa application.

Visa Type

Before starting the discussion about application process, it is essential to determine the visa category for which you are applying. Even though the list of both immigrant and non-immigrant visa category can be fairly exhaustive, it is important to learn more about the category of visa for which you are applicable.

Documents Required for a US Visa

Before the application, do make sure that you are well –prepared with the complete documents need for the visa process, including the passport, details about previous international travels if applicable, travel itinerary, etc.

When going for the application process, make sure that your passport is be valid for a minimum of 6 months from the date you wish to enter the United States. The passport should not be damaged, including any peeling or tearing of any page. The application won’t get processed if any of it is the case.

After application Submission

After submitting the application form online, you need to send the application submission receipt via email along with the Application ID and the specific bar code. You also need to have a print of the application confirmation page with a bar code on it which will be submitted at the time of interview. It is not obligatory to take a print of the complete application form.

Paying the Visa Fee

For the application of US visa, the applicant needs to pay a non-refundable fee for the process. This includes both children and seniors. Applicant should pay the US visa fee via cash or bank transfer.

Fingerprinting and Digital Photograph

After submitting the application form, youneed to go for the scheduled interview at the US Embassy and the Visa Application Center, where you will be photographed and fingerprinted.

Visa Refusal

The complete right for issuance of a US visa lies with the US Embassy entirely. If for any reason the counselor doesn’t gets convinced with the application, the visa request can be denied, all the documents, including the passport gets returned. Also, the visa fee won’t be refunded.

Youcan reapply for the USA visa after its rejection, where you need to go through the entire procedure all over again, along with the application fee.

During the reapplication make sure to be well-prepared with the required documents which the counselor requested. However, it is not guaranteed that your US visa will get approved.

In case, you are still confused with the process, it is best to appoint an immigration attorney for all the complete processing of your visa application. Consult an attorney from ilexlaw, to help you out with all the US visa application process.

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