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2017 H-1B CAP Season

H-1B cap was reached within the first 5 days as everyone expected. you can also subscribe to the H-1B Cap Season.

The USCIS has reported that it has received 236,000 H-1B petitions . This number is lower than most experienced immigration attorneys estimated. Thus, the acceptance rate at the lottery is about the same as last year, which is slightly over 30%. The acceptance rate for the Master’s cap is definitely higher, but we don’t know how many Master’s cap petitions have been received.

USCIS probably finished sending out the receipts for those petitions that have been randomly selected. It will start sending the return packages. More than 60% of all submitted cases will be rejected. Historically, most of the rejected packages USCIS mailed out by the end of June. USCIS has also made an announcement that Premium Processing is not available for the selected cases. Employers who have not received Receipt Notices from USCIS yet, should start exploring other options to continue employing its foreign talent. H-1B visa is the most common and convenient work visa for many employers. It requires only a Bachelor degrees and related job duties . However, there are other options to keep foreign talent in the US. Our experienced immigration attorneys are advising our current clients and preparing alternative immigration strategies for the unselected H-1B visa beneficiaries.

A couple of words about the lottery: it is indeed completely random and does not depend on any factors, such a salary, location, professional field, education, country of origin, etc. The overwhelming majority of H-1B visa applicants are Indian nationals, but the H-1B lottery treats all the applications in the same manner.

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