H-1B visa CAP 2016

Today is the first day USCIS accepts H-1B filings for the 2016/17 Cap. The regulations have not changed since the 90ies and the limits are still the same, totaling to 85,000 open slots. 20,000 will be set aside for the applicants that have US Master’s degrees.

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P Visas Frequently Asked Questions

P visa has 4 different classifications. Each of them is similar in a way and different at the same time. Rarely do artists qualify for more than 1 P visa type at the same time.

The Regulations do not require an employer to pay all the visa expenses unlike some other work visas, however, the main purpose of the P visas is to perform in America. A promoter or agent must have legitimate concerts for the entertainers to conduct, otherwise P visa will be denied.

Yes, when a foreign national is in the US in a P visa status, a green card application can be done. However, sponsorship is the most common way to get a green card. The employer must file paperwork to show that it will permanently employ the entertainer in the US. The process takes about a year and can be reviewed here: http://www.ilexlaw.com/green-cards-for-artists-musicians-and-performers/

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